The evolutionary sidewalk...

By Vichara

A new year has started, have we moved any farther along the evolutionary sidewalk? Someone gets angry and tries to blow people up in a barbaric way. The other people get angry and attack the people from where that person lives and so on and so forth. I know that reducing it down simplistically in itself has it’s own pitfalls but even if we see both sides the sheer act of deliberately killing keeps all of us on the lower rungs of humanity. So what to do right? What are the answers? I don’t know but I think we all understand the killing is not one of them. This may be na├»ve but digging to the core is the first logical step. Like a skilled doctor find out the identity of the ailment. Do not just treat the symptoms but find; in the plain light of day without restrictions, what is the root. The arbitration and resolution is the mandate. I understand the frailties of all of this and there are possibilities of agendas but it would be good to try instead of throwing up our hands and walking away.

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