Raising the levels...

By Vichara

We all at one point in time or in our everyday activities have this irresistible urge just to run away from “it” all. The urge to escape whatever is whirling about in front of us and impacting us directly or indirectly. We believe that if we change our physical location, our job, and our relationships or even as drastic at it seem our physical appearance, that it will change everything in our minds for the better. In the end however the only thing that really changes is the scenery. What we need to encourage with each other is our perception and help each other deal with things internally in a rational compassionate manner. If you have a “safe harbor” where you can talk with someone to help you each other, treasure that. If not connect with someone who can safely. Perhaps even someone in our little group here reading these “thoughts”. We are put here to help each other out and raise the levels of Love, Hope and Compassion.

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