Re-focus our steps...

By Vichara

The impermanence of this existence underscores the value of the time we have been given. When you take death seriously, you take your life and the value of life more seriously. There is no re-boot button, no re-start, no re-charge; this is it for all we know. There has not been any scientific empirical proof of the existence of an after life. I know to some that words like this stab like a cold knife into reality but that is not totally the intent. The intention is to bring the attention into focus, hopefully act as a catalyst and shake all of our collective vision into acknowledging that regardless of what may be going on we are here and in many ways are truly blessed. Building on this resolve is not only good for yourself but for others around you that we encounter everyday. By having our vision a little more focused we can not just only take but give back as well with a renewed spirit infused with love and most importantly compassion.

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