Drivers education for your brain...

By Vichara

Some of us will remember the common sense rule of the road to always leave a safe distance between your car and the one in front of you. The same applies when it comes to our thoughts. In this crazed multi-tasking world it is wise to watch out for tailgating thoughts. Allowing no distance between thoughts, both work and personal, leads to crashes that could ignite anger and frustration. I have learned that inserting a moment of meditation or a moment to breathe and recite a mantra acts like a traffic cop to separate crashing thoughts. By taking these moments it will lead to a slowing down and create a safety zone and an opportunity for the answers you need to form more fluidly. So instead of wasting your time cleaning up nasty thought crashes you gain more time to think clearly and enjoy you time behind the wheel of your shiny ding-free mind

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