For a better world...

By Vichara

Down with screaming chefs, manipulative talk show people, demeaning stunt-like programs and anything that belittles and makes people feel foolish and helpless. I supposed there is some that believe that this is “entertainment”. Seeing programs like these that in some voyeuristic way will make some feel superior, think again. It only further erodes any steps we have made to unify the myriad of cultures and people. By yelling at someone for something as trivial as misplaced basil leaf or how a slice of fish is placed on a dish is both simply ridiculous and stupid! There are millions of hungry people out there that wouldn’t care which way it was presented to them, just feed them. It’s irreprehensible with the coercion of people to expose their frailties just for the sake of entertainment. Why not sense the suffering and support a new helpful direction. Make people feel less in a maze of stunts that belittles their tenuous need to be accepted and laugh at them when they cry. We do nothing to further the growth of people or enrich the foundation of society through manipulative means. It’s time to see the emperor has no clothes and provide a new wardrobe that is supportive, compassionate an uplifting.

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