A blank page...

By Vichara

Someone recently asked me how I think up these “thoughts” and manage to get one up here most every morning. I was asked don’t you ever just go blank or face a blank page and have nothing? Well there is a blank page in front of me right now. The thing is that there is most assuredly an infinite number of ways to look and reflect on the minutiae that surrounds us everyday. Much like the subtle rays of a prism reflecting light and revealing the many hues of colors we should encourage ourselves to be prisms of life. Use our hearts and minds to reflect the life that surrounds us. Breathe in the cavalcade and breathe out possible solutions to what we see. They could be small or grand but at this point the idea is to be engaged with the world around us and contribute in meaningful ways. You see a blank page engaged reflects and produces much like what we all can do on a daily basis through the prism of our own hearts.

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