This day that we have been given...

By Vichara

If we were to be literally given the same imagined 9 lives that cats are granted I’m afraid we would waste them as well. I know that may seem harsh and pessimistic but I’m sure you have witnessed, as I have, the number of chances, reprieves and literal stays of execution from this life that we may have witnessed or have read about. Face it today the majority of us are wasteful. We are wasteful with time, energy, thoughts and possessions. Without a defined set of parameters we believe that the “well” will never run dry. But given this life is underscored with definite impermanence there is finality to everything. As they say “nothing lasts forever” and the key is to enjoy the moment and what has been given to you and temper all of this with a deep sense of gratitude. Embrace this day that has been given to you. Don’t fritter it away frivolously.

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