A few words...

By Vichara

It is truly amazing and a frightening thing that a simple collection of words combined with intent can hold so much power. One way it can uplift and inspire you and others to elevate your efforts to do well in the world and make a difference. In another way a few words planted can infect a person so much that they kill themselves. I am of course referring to a number of recent suicides by young people that as noted in the press as being “bullied” in the classic sense. Because they were considered by a few as being different that these alleged differences made them a target of persecution and torment and drove these individuals to reconsider their self worth and their right to exist. Yes we all know that persecution and bullying has been around for countless ages and people have been tortured and killed for simple differences but it does not justify or validate these actions. The root of all this bullying of course is fear in the classic sense. Fear of the differences these persecuted individuals supposedly represent or portray. Fear that whatever lifestyle these people have is not normal in the eyes of the bully. We need to teach the young and re-enforce at any age is that all beings have a right to exist. Period. That the interconnection we share is essential regardless of lifestyle to solidify the foundation of a just society. Lofty yes but I still believe attainable. As Gandhi said “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”.

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