Message in a bottle...

By Vichara

When I was a kid living close to the shoreline of one of the Great Lakes I used to imagine it was a vast ocean. In those years of reading stories like Robinson Crusoe, Swiss Family Robinson, Kidnapped and having a wild imagination this body of water might as well have been a vast ocean. At one point I wrote a note of who I was and where I lived, placed it in a corked bottle and sent it adrift in my vast ocean, ok the lake. I imagined this bottle silently bobbing and drifting along making a very long journey to some exotic foreign shore where another boy just like me would find it and be inspired to cast a note back. This exchange could take months, even years but somehow you believed that it would and you would connect with someone out there in the world. Now that we have got older a lot of those young imaginative thoughts like that have drifted away but I do believe on some small level they still exist. We all want to cast out a message in a bottle and connect with someone, even on the smallest level. Regardless of how vast this ocean of humanity may appear there are others that want to connect like you do. Trust that they are out there and send out your message in a bottle today.

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