A new resolve...

By Vichara

Until we reach the dawn and greet it with open arms we will be only embracing darkness. Until we hear the sound and open up our hearts the silence will be deafening. Until we see through the fog of deception we will only be deluded. Until we taste the truth warmth of life all that we have ingested are cold scraps. There are times when we need to push ourselves from our complacency and engage ourselves to the next level. It may seem daunting, reaching into the unknown dies have that effect, but unless this is ignited we remain stagnate. I hear “well what do I do”? “what shall I do”?, “I’m not sure which way to go”? Well pull up your socks, shakes off the dust that has settled on your shoulders and look up with the resolve to engage with something foreign to you today. Just one new thing. It may not pan out or it may but one thing is fore sure whatever way it goes it will open up a new door to something else. Now get up and make sure your shoelaces are tied.

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