Fill the pages...

By Vichara

The heavy rain clouds form a quiet somnambulistic pillow that created an opportunity for the mind to tuck into its fold, relax and drift into introspection. Somehow by being isolated because of the inclement weather did not feel claustrophobic but freeing. The overcast corridors lent themselves to be soft corners to lean into and be safe instead of the harsh edges that would be present in the cold light. While some have problems with these days I find comfort and variety in them. A change, a new vista and an opportunity to ponder a new avenue of thought. I know, I know you have perhaps read my suggestions before about taking on a new path but since we are in the change of seasons why not add a change of thought. Make a new discovery. Our lives have only a limited number of pages. Fill that book up on each page until the binding splits and it becomes heavy with joy.

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