Help out our friend...

By Vichara

The paddles were out, they charged it up to 360 jewels and there was a nervous, highly charged feeling in the air. Will this be enough? Clear!...nothing…clear!...nothing, one more time…clear!! Wait a minute I think I feel a pulse. It’s weak but it’s there. Our comrade has fallen but it seems that there is still hope. We have seen better days, better moments when the clouds broke open and the light shot through with confidence. Yes there were times before when our comrade seemed to be weak but fooled many of us and it can happen again. History has taught us there will always be adversaries of our dear friend but if we, and I mean every one of us, tried to find that linking point that does exist we could help sustain our friend’s heartbeat. It truly is not that hard. Just one single small act a day will sustain our friend. Come on Compassion; get up now and put your arms around our shoulders, we got you.

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