A new diet...

By Vichara

Everyone needs to go on diet today! A diet to cut out the calories of confusion and the excessive manipulation from the frenetic babble shoved at us. It is one thing to be informed but it is another thing to be fattened by gratuitous news and gossip 24 hours a day. I know, we all in a certain way think it’s just for fun and we don’t listen all the time but it can be silently insidious. We take a small bite of some salacious story and that leads to another to another, then another to another and we are fattened by the frivolous. Today’s thought harkens back to the same vein as yesterday about how much time is spent in repetitive actions. By cutting one salacious story and replacing it with one nurturing or creative activity may not seem like much but it is a start. Pretty soon your mind and presence will be mentally svelte and lighter. You’ll be passing by that mental mirror and be thinking…”lookin’ good honey!

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