Objects may appear larger...

By Vichara

Objects may appear larger is written on most of the rear view mirrors in the vehicles that we drive. Of course in this forum you know it is placed there to remind us to be cognizant of moving objects that are whizzing past all the time. Where this warning is not written in plain sight is in our daily lives. We encounter so many things in our day that will seem so much larger than they appear. Something somebody says in passing that is probably a whisper seems like a scream. An encounter with an issue you are dealing with that on the surface to others maybe small as a gnat but looms to you so large they appear like a monster from a silly “B” movie. Perhaps in these moments when distortion misaligns the actual truth we need to get up and walk away from the mirror for a moment until whatever you are dealing with reduces to it’s actual size. Then driving forward with clarity and equanimity the possible overwhelming presence of objects will be reduced to it’s actual manageable size. Don’t forget to use your turn signals.

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