The other checklist...

By Vichara

We open our eyes in the morning like opening the door to the outside world. There is some trepidation but we know that moving forward is the right thing to do. Still we squint and try to adjust to the light and its duet with the ambient noise and engage to the new day. For the majority of us there will be any number of tasks that will be expected to be completed in a day. A checklist of priorities and responsibilities that hopefully one by one will see its completion. Then there is the other checklist. This is a checklist although not blatantly as evident as the tasks in a day but as important. Things like laughter, love, gratification, support, compassion, comfort and equanimity. While it may be considered just filler in a day to some they are vital. We may not consciously think of mentally checking them off our lists but without them the door to the day is not so easily opened.

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