Are you cognizant...

By Vichara

How much can you get away with? There seems to be evident a sense by some to see how much they can get away with in a day with even the smallest of things. Like a child thinking that the adult is not around they push the limits. They see how far they can wait before they run out of lane in traffic and cut in front of somebody. Park in places not assigned to them, leave dirty dishes in a sink, paper towels on the floor and things unattended. Possibly believing they do not need to pay attention, somebody else will take care of it; they have their own set of rules, lazy, inconsiderate or just plain self-involved. Your wake both physically and mentally does leave its mark so it’s just plain decent if you were cognizant of this fact. It may take a minute longer to finish or wait but isn’t that better than bringing on some karmic backlash that will sooner or later will happen?

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