Swing and sway, the natural way...

By Vichara

How much swing in your step is measured by how much sway in your heart. If you are not swaying you can’t swing and you are right back where you started. So I guess the natural question would be how do you get the “sway” happening? Well this is what you do. You go out and buy yourself a nice new outfit that is comfortable and roomy. Pick up a nice comfortable pair of shoes, soft and not tight. Get your hair done, nails fixed up, shower (and shave for guys) and slap on some good smelly stuff. When all done download or buy some Dean Martin music, push the coffee table out of the way, turn Dean on and…ok, there I no need for all of that. To get the sway is just another lesson in being here. Sway is all based in a mental attitude. When the perception is not mired in the past or disillusioned by the future it ignites the possibilities of the moment. Your step is not dragging but elevated allowing you to…sway! And when you sway you…anyone?...swing!

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