Joie de Vivre

By Vichara

Your “voice” is unique and there will never be another one like…ever. There is a tendency by some either by some emotional upheaval or a past event to diminish the importance of your voice. It may have been constricted by a parent, relative, teacher or a collection of all of them but more than likely someone you knew. Being cut off from the fuel of confidence your voice became thinner and small but no matter what happened it is still there and can be heard and wants to be heard. I am not advocating an over the top presence, bordering on obnoxious - no, more like a tempered voice of confidence supported by Joie de vivre. Your existence, this life and your voice will never happen again, give it the life it deserves and speak up. Share or write it down like the nut writing these thoughts. Don’t be afraid. We all have merit and have something to say. A voice that is unique and only yours.

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