No reservation needed...

By Vichara

You can’t put in a reservation to the Future - it does not exist. I called the other day to do this but the phone just kept ringing and ringing and ringing. I got tired of waiting, doodling on a piece of paper while I waited for someone to pick up but they never did. I hung up and tried again but I hit the speed dial and by accident I hit the button to the Past. Of course someone picked up right away, in fact several voices picked up. It seemed like there were about 10 voices all of them fighting over each other regaling me with stories of past glories and failures. I tried to politely to interrupt but I finally hung up with the voices still going on. I punched in the next line to call the Future again and heard no dial tone. I waited for a moment and said hello. A voice came right back that sounded kind of like my own but less frenetic and infused with a calming effect. I asked if this was Future and the voice came back in an easy manner that no, this is Now and there is no need for a reservation. He said we’re here always open, 24/7.

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