Igniting the day...

By Vichara

Breathe in the morning, exhale the night...breathe in the morning, exhale the night.  The alarm clock, cat, dog or whatever has just yanked us from slumberland and a sometimes surreal world.  Somedays it feels real harsh like entering the world for the first time from the womb.  Ok that may be a bit dramatic but you know what I mean.  The protective layer of the night and sleep shields us from the daily minutia that will sometimes trip us up.  We will feel compelled to return to slumberland to help quell any of the fears in dealing with the world around us but you know where that will get you?  Right, nowhere and even farther from answers and solutions.  Let's just face it folks the impermanence of the world will always have the elements that form challenges that we face everyday.  It is of course our approach to these challenges that will determine the outcome.  This is a bit simplistic and naive but this is the way it is and of course the simple things will sometimes be the most profound.  So how will your approach be today?  It will be different than yesterday because of this impermanence that sets the course of how things will go.  But if you retain a foundation of compassion, love and patience you ignite your engagement with life more effectively and there will not be a need to retreat into slumberland.

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