Off the menu...

By Vichara

Whether we acknowledge it or not we are given a grand menu to choose from for our day. Of course there will always be a few dishes that will remain the same, work and other daily chores. But there are many other items on the menu that will be new each day and you will have the choice of which items to choose. Some of these items on the menu given to you may feel like something from a fast food restaurant. A quick bite, a quick task - resolve an issue in a short period of time. A lot of various items waiting to be mixed, gathering items / notes - for a long term project. It may seem overwhelming at times and that you have been given a multitude of take-out menus that you must make a decision of what you may need. These are all fine and provide the variety needed to spice up the hours but there is one other place where choices can be made that people forget to tell you about. Its a place called "off the menu". This is a place that some will ignore because it requires some initiative and creativity and some would rather depend on pre-selected menus and those items that they are told what to do. Where do you find this "off the menu" place? It is found in that place between reflection and contemplation. Some call it meditation. Put aside all of the menus forced upon you and give yourself a slice of time where you will be able to find those exotic ingredients needed to create pies of possibilities, souffl├ęs of solutions and custards of compassion. So get your kitchen apron on, turn up some funky music and give yourself time "off the menu" to find another recipe to life.

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