The man with two watches...

By Vichara

I once met a man that wore two watches, on each wrist. Whenever we encountered each other he was always quite pleasant and friendly but there was this feeling that something wasn’t settled. Even though he would smile and be congenial with others the front he gave us seemed to be an ill-fitting mask. As with all of us there is any number of things on our minds that we need to contend with but you push on through the day and search for the answers and truths that will relieve you so you can start taking off the masks that we all wear. One day I passed the gentleman with two watches except there were no watches. His face seemed to be a bit brighter and he had a bounce in his step. I said hi and of course with my curiosity I asked him about the absence of the watches. With great ease he said he wore one watch that did not work and it was stuck at 2:36. The other did work but was always set at least 20 minutes ahead. Exhausted and weary one morning he reached to put them on and he just walked away an out the door. He said the broken one was set at a time to remind him of an incident of great sadness. The other one was set ahead to remind him of things that were going to happen and not be late. But one morning he realized the great sadness was years old and while respecting what happened he cut the millstone because he was exhausted living in the past and left that watch behind. Anxious about a future that will happen regardless he left that watch behind as well. Of course he said with a smile you know what that left me right? The present and truly the only place you can be.

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