What matters...

By Vichara

Why do people mark the calendar to remember when someone close to them has died.  Each year it's the same "it's been 4 years since she passed away".  Par den me for not being sensitive but who really cares, what matters is remembering the years they existed with us and how they affected our hearts and minds.  The death date is the last thing I want to remember.  The look in their eyes as this life passes away from them into the presumed silence of whatever is next.  It is March 7th, June 30th, October 14th, December 18th, any day but that day that counts.  It is those random days of just living that should matter to you.  Those sometimes mundane, perhaps perceived insignificant days where the simplest observances happen that should matter.  Yes the accomplishments of life are great but while observing the colorful flowers in your garden don't forget the rest of your garden.  There are magical things happening there as well.

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