Something to believe in...

By Vichara

We are all asked to believe in something and it starts when we are very young.  Of course for the majority of us when we are young there is the big one - Santa Claus.  We are led to believe that if we are model children that eat all our veggies, do good in school, be kind and not fight with our siblings that this rotund man in a red jacket will reward us with the favorite  toys and things on Christmas morning.  We are supposed to believe that this one guy keeps track of every kid in the world and if they have been good or bad.  Then he manages to deliver to said number of kids all the gifts in one night with a sled being pulled by flying reindeers!?  Then of course there are the minor characters we are supposed to believe in.  Some rabbit that delivers chocolate eggs to us at Easter and for those who lose a tooth you get a quarter (I think because of inflation it must be a dollar now) from the tooth fairy.  But of course as we get older these specters of special occasions fade from intense obsession to a passing thought.  One of the most important things we are to believe in not only from our youth but even as we get older is believe in ourselves.  We are taught if we maintain strong self-confidence and be diligent with our studies that we will be able to rise to any occasion with our keen resourcefulness.  If you fail, stumble and fall down that is just part of the life process and you need to pull yourself up and keep going.  But in order to believe in ourselves we need to believe in where we are going.  Do you know where you are going?  Are you using the right tools to get there?  Is the foundation you are building yourself with made up with integrity and compassion?  If you are using deceit and manipulation it will only end up being more and more challenging as years go by with unfulfilling results.  And that is something no one can get behind and something no one can believe in. I know that we believe and see in the media that deception and manipulation seems to win but life will always reveal that integrity and compassion will always prevail and that is something I believe in.

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