Tick tock...

By Vichara

Tick tock, tick tock, there goes another part of your day.  Tick tock, tick tock, there goes the time you were going to spend in a worthwhile activity only to be side-tracked to "busy" work.  It is getting to the point that you can't even enjoy a good cup of coffee because even that is used to compliment even more activity.  You are not even given a moment to stare out at the world in front of you, unfocused without more nattering that takes you away from those moments to feel the warmth of the fluid inside you and to taste the smoky flavor and smooth texture.  Perhaps we need to allow ourselves say one afternoon, to do one activity at a time until finished.  To move away from the uber hyper multi-tasking ball that we spin most everyday and regain the sense of accomplishment in place of numerous things in various stages like spinning plates on the verge of crashing.  Tick, one thing done, tock, another thing done, tick, that's finished, tock (breathe), done.

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