Stop and smell the flowers...

By Vichara

I have a suggestion for a more enhanced cognition of the world around you in a very simple way.  Most of us may have heard at one time or another the phrase "stop and smell the flowers".  Meaning that in our clickable-multi-tasking world that we find ourselves in sometimes we need to walk away for a moment, take a break, avert your eyes from the computer screen or TV and breathe.  It is in this diversionary action where we might find an answer we have been looking for or by this respite gain a better perspective of the world around us.  But how do we know how to do it, when to do it or set the right conditions to do it.  Here is my suggestion.  In front of my house I have over a number of years have planted several rose bushes.  Whenever I exit my front door to retrieve the mail I pass several including this wonderful yellow rose bush.  When they are in bloom I make a point to literally stop and smell the flowers.  By creating this focal point I am encouraged to stop, shift my perspective from whatever worldly events that I may be experiencing and truly enjoy the fragrance of these roses bushes whole heartily and with focus.  So create the same for yourself in the office, house of place of study.  Place a fragrant favorite flower in a place for you where you can too literally stop, smell the flowers, refocus and approach things with a better perspective plus of course with the aroma of something from our green world.

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