A bump is just...

By Vichara

There is astrology, numerology, phrenology but what about commonsenseology? We will sometimes seek answers from sources that we are led to believe will put us on the path to the right answer. The trouble is that this can be circuitous and vague paths that may lead only back to more speculation. Sometimes the most obvious can be the right answer but that is where we will need to do the hard work of trusting in our intuitive nature more and less what people are telling to think and feel. I know this may not be easy but it will produce results that will exceed all the charts and speculation others will give you and definitely define the path that you walk more clearly. Sure try these other paths but I guarantee that coming back to yourself, your thoughts and your own path will be more fulfilling than trying to figure out if Mars is in retrograde with your sign or if that bump on your head will portent great fortune. Sometimes a bump is just a bump.

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