You CAN do it...

By Vichara

At what point do you just say “no”? At what level do you finally succumb to the weariness of trying to resolve issues that keep repeating and say “enough”? You want to believe and hope that you can stretch the basic understanding and patience but when you do you say, “stop”? It can be obvious and yet some around you will still be oblivious, so when you do you say, “wake up”? At what point does incompetence become acceptable and you loose you voice of basic reason in the din of apathy? At what point does chronic inability become so condoned that it elicits unwarranted sympathy? Tear the veil of enabling off and engage action with prompt results. A to B not A with a side trip that wanders to a diversion that labors and languishes with indecision. Move with determination and resolve tempered with heart that has conviction. You can do it and so can everyone else.

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