The "bridge"...

By Vichara

Engage – disengage – engage – disengage – apathy – empathy – apathy – empathy. The line can be so thin and yet seem so vast. The perception we have of situations that cross our paths from moment to moment is of course determined by our resource of knowledge. If we have continued to fill the reservoir with enough variations and viewpoints we can hopefully evaluate and articulate a viewpoint based on moral values. Where we get into trouble is pure reaction. Reactionary decisions will be fraught with hues of miscommunication. Are we clear on this? I know, I know a little too wordy. Let’s make it real clear then. We are vessels of information calculated and disseminated by our brain. In order to engage the full spectrum of ideas we need to consume a field of information. While in prison Nelson Mandela observed, read and devoured information on the people that put him in that small cell of his. Not to seek revenge but to better understand his captors and find the bridges of understanding. Not to destroy the bridges but to meet them with unity on the bridge and shorten its length.

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