Just unplug...

By Vichara

As I went to “sit” this morning I saw the moon sinking low off in the western sky. It was partly shrouded with a layer of milky white clouds almost like a scarf haphazardly tossed over it self in a tired reflected way. The stars just above were mutely twitching in a weak, sad farewell to their nighttime brethren. The night is almost drained of it’s power and in the east the sun is primping for it’s arrival to light our paths, help release energies in the soil and warm our chilled bodies. We sometimes fail to observe the subtleties of change as they happen. The time we get to ponder questions, observe and receive epiphanies has been slimmed by the expectations and schedules of the day. We are a society that is being driven by constant input. Try to “unplug” sometimes this week even if it is just for 10 minutes and do absolutely nothing and observe and listen to just…you.

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