It is always around...

By Vichara

While out for a walk yesterday I came across someone just staring at this rather impressive tree thick with these very large leaves. Not wanting to be intrusive but yet curious of what this person was looking at I slowly walked by and stated “what a lovely tree”. This person turned to me and with an easy smile said calmly “yes, but it has so many layers and stories it could tell”. Curious and yet not really knowing how to respond I just returned, “Yes, all the limbs seem to be reaching out to us”. His smile grew even more and he turned to me and said “quite right, indeed this tree is at least 100 year old and in this time there has been many wars, abundant change and joy. This deciduous friend has seen a cavalcade of generations and listened to all of their voices in pain and in happiness.” He pointed to the ground surrounding the tree and continued. “The soil is the knowledge, within the knowledge there is both hubris and reality. To retain its strong and solid integrity the tree, like a person, needs to filter through its system what is essential to fortify their existence and what to discard. The sun and rain, you could say are like love and encouragement, provides the needed elements to help in the growth forward and upward and from this comes the results and proceeds. For this tree it is the fruit and abundant growth. From us it is stories and knowledge. When both of these are imparted into the world they both go back to the soil, which of course again is knowledge and the cycle continues.” I asked this stranger his name and he said Mr. T. Ruth. I turned to leave and I said I hope to see you again. He smiled again and said as he walked away “I’m always around, you just need to look for me.”

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