No, you go first...

By Vichara

“You go first!” “No, you go first” A lot of people don’t like being first, being the first in line, maybe even you…but you are going first. You may not think you so but you are right at the head of the line by just being you. You are first because there is only one of you. You are first with very unique qualities and things you do. You are first in the way you talk, walk and react. You may think that you are the same as others but even with what you perceive as the same, in the variations there will never, ever be another you…ever. So while you think you follow in step with others you blaze new trails, even in small ways, by just being you. Don’t discard this thought, use this to bolster the confidence you have and enhance the unique individuality you possess to step out first, like we do everyday.

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