Maybe the other door...

By Vichara

You kick, you scream and it’s like trying to break down a heavy metal door wit it’s seams sealed with cement. It is frustrating and fruitless and will drain your energies. This may seem to describe some days we all have right? We travel along, doing our best solving things, trying to understand challenges in front of us. Then there is this one thing, one challenge, one big door that refuges to budge. Perhaps this door, this challenge that we assume we need to knock down just might be the wrong door. We might get stubborn and stand our ground but this will not help. Stop, breathe and don’t bloody your hands. The door you need could be right next to this one or just maybe someone else may have the key to this door and will open it up for you. Imagine that unification of effort resulting in solutions for all. Careful now, this could catch on.

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