How you approach the day...

By Vichara

We all assume that when we lay down to sleep that we will reach the other shore and wake to a new day. What if this was not guaranteed? How would you approach the day that you just met? The coffee that you are drinking will be your last. The round of early morning bird singing will never be heard again. The warmth of the shower you had, never felt again. The embrace from your partner never will happen again. How will your eyes see this that has been given to you? Will, if you knew this fact, spend the day frenetically screaming and running around or would you breathe in, breathe out consume the moments with equanimity and reverence? This is not a “thought” created to scare you but to remind us all that this impermanence is a basic truth. Be conscious that this treadmill that can sometimes distract us and remember the importance of our lives we share together.

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