Behind the slipcover...

By Vichara

It has been said that sometimes people judge a book by its cover. I know that this means in the figurative sense but when I was younger I thought it meant in the literal. You are in a bookstore and you are glancing at the rows of new books with their captivating colors, designs and images that are used to draw your eyes and hands. For some reason I have always been compelled to slide the slip cover off to see the actual book underneath. Did they use the same typeface? What color is the hardback? Is there some other image beyond the splashes of color that was used on the slipcover? A desire to see what was originally intended before the other designer came up with the fancy slipcover. I envision a quiet designer behind the scenes choosing colors, typefaces and constructing what the general public may never see unless the slipcover gets torn and needs to be discarded. In similar ways we sometimes fail to see behind the surface with those we encounter and even with those that we love. In some cases it can be either lack of patience or lack of time but in the end it is still a loss. Taking the slipcover off can be a challenge but it can be so worth it. What could be behind the fa├žade of color and casual conversation could reveal a truly remarkable life.

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