Measurements of existence...

By Vichara

Does a certain degree of accomplishments elevate the existence of this flesh and bones to a level where they will not be soon forgotten? Is there a level of these acts where your mortal existence will be remembered? Is being remembered a needed element to exist? In our western culture much is placed on the justification of our existence. How many units did you finish? How much farther did you go in getting what was assigned to you done? How many miles did you travel? How many songs have you written? How many awards, accolades and areas of accomplishment have you received? The amount of accomplishments seems to further deepen our place in society and garners much esteem. So what about that proud farmer in a small African village, the cobbler in an eastern European town, the only doctor for miles in Patagonia or that inspired teacher in a small town here in America. Does not the number of things that they have accomplished just as important? To those close to these examples I would think even more so. With the interconnection of beings all of what we do for each other is important, it is just a different degree of measurement. So even more that the statues and pieces of paper the most important measurement in how we will be remembered is by the measurement of the heart.

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