Three wishes...

By Vichara

Do you remember the story of Aladdin, the magic lamp and the granting of the three wishes? I think the Genie was a very wise being in only granting three wishes. I’m sure that the genie could have given Aladdin as many wishes as the Genie wanted to give but it certainly wouldn’t have made the three chosen that special or important. In a grand way he was making Aladdin define what was important and to make wise decisions. In a way and if we have been lucky we have Genies in our own lives in the form of parents, grandparents, teachers, friends and even brothers and sisters. While not magically appearing out of a lamp they do appear and help us re-define and define what we wish for in our lives. Aladdin was only granted three wishes and Genie complied but the results and proceeds of the wishes were totally Aladdin’s responsibility to deal with on his own. You can have as many wishes as you want and can handle but perhaps you could be your own Genie and try to define a little clearer what is truly important to you and your heart.

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