The band CLP...

By Vichara

While Sanity went out of the hallway to make yet another phone call, Reason stepped outside to have a smoke. That left Judgment and Justification at the table with me. Even though they were twins they were nothing alike. Judgment kept looking around the room and sat silently scowling at others while Justification kept either knocking items off the table or spilling things just enough on the linen tablecloth. Indifference kept walking past our table and less than discreetly glared and slightly shook it’s head. While Envy and Disgust instigated little arguments around the room Unification tried desperately to get everybody to talk. The waves of frenetic energy started to crest higher and higher and it felt even though Sanity came back into the room that things were about to explode when the band started to play. The dulcet and calming tones of CLP, better know as Compassion, Love & Patience, sent soothing sonic waves across the room and everything seemed to calm down and feel brighter. Unification seemed to relax and Envy and Disgust were sharing a bowl of ice cream, Reason came back into the room and even though the twins really had no rhythm they were cutting up the dance floor like Tony Manero and Ren McCormack. Life is a whole lot better when CLP is rockin’ the world us.

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