I expect...

By Vichara

There is an implied sense of expectation that exists even though it may not be clearly stated sometimes. If you are an adult and you drive a car it is expected that you know how to drive it and follow the rules of the road. With the enormous amount of variables that exist wit each human being we question if some people know how to follow the rules. Regardless there are many basics that are understood (drive on the right side if you live in N. America, turn your headlights on to be seen at night, signal when turning, etc.) and hopefully are followed. The same applies in many ways in our daily lives as humans. If you consider yourself a member of society there are basics that we should all follow. Things are expected of you. If you are human it is expected that you treat others humanly and not with malice and manipulation. If you are human it is expected that if you recognize that you need compassion then you should give compassion to others. None of these cost a single penny, they are currency of the heart and from what I have witnessed there is always plenty of reserves in those banks and I expect there always be.

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