The day...

By Vichara

The day has been waiting all night for you. It has been nervous with anticipation and is ready as soon as your feet touch the floor next to your bed. It knows when you open your eyes. Don’t try to fake it, the day knows. The only thing left to do is to just get up, get your shoes on and go. But wait…what are you going to do with the day? Fritter it away with functions that merely just fill up the day? The day expects more than just that! The day’s light is the beacon that is there to illuminate the multitude of paths that are given to each one of us. You all know that but embrace that. Since you are reading this you of course know that you have been given another day so why not fully use it as intended. Don’t fill it with mindless Pablum find one small meaningful thing to do, read or act upon. It doesn’t take much and when the day is done you’ll feel better and the day will be smug and proud of you. Then you can actually call it a day.

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