By Vichara

There are many times and points in the day where it truly feels like we are all isolated islands floating throughout the day without barely connecting to each other’s shorelines. There is even a feeling I get that if there was no pressing need to many would be quite content to just float on through the day until the reach the harbor of slumber land. Is it fear, apathy or through the many years of bumping and floating about that you feel that you are not going to be accepted as you are? Your island is unique as with the billions of other islands out there but we are connected by the ocean of communication that can be at times choppy, dark and difficult to maneuver. However there are ways to reach each other’s shorelines without too many shipwrecks. As quoted here before each one of us needs to be kind to each other because we are all dealing with our own battles. With that recognition there is a chance that you see the waters become clearer and less troublesome and opportunities are created to see another’s shoreline without judgment and expectation.

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