The interdependence...

By Vichara

In the area where I “sit” when I write these thoughts I have noticed a new little friend has joined me. This very tiny long legged spider has constructed a haphazard web that looks more like fluff stuck in mid-air than your traditional geometric web. For most the reaction upon seeing this would be to take some tissue or a magazine and eradicate this scene from existence. For some there is great fear attached to spiders but placed in the interconnectiveness of life this little guy has a form and a function that justifies it’s existence. It sits quietly and calmly in it’s bed of fluff and if any little bug get snared…well you know the rest. Regardless of any fears or apprehension we are all fundamentally connected. The Dalai Lama says that this interdependence is a fundamental law of nature and concerns more than just the more evolved forms of life. “For even the smallest insects are social beings who, without the slightest religion, law, or education, survive thanks to mutual cooperation, based on an innate recognition of their interconnectiveness”. So not only keeping in mind our mutual cooperation to each others as humans (based in compassion) I will keep in mind this little guy next to me and turn away from our higher life form’s compulsion to destroy and invite all of your reading this to think for a moment of our interconnectiveness and employ a little more compassion today.

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