The Big Fish...

By Vichara

If you going to fish for the big questions in life, you need to make sure you have the right kind of bait.  Every good fisherman knows that before you go out to catch a specific fish that you do your research and ensure you have the right bait that will attract what you are trying to catch.  The same thing applies when you are serious about finding the answers to life's challenging questions. Of course the debate among life fisherman is what is the right bait but I believe the majority can agree on the following to catch the "Big Fish"; an understanding of the reality of life and the way things are without name or label.  Holding a commitment to an ethical life and the intention to live a life of good will.  Don't indulge in idle talk or gossip.  Act kindly and compassionately and do no harm to other beings.  Walk a path in which you mindfully cultivate a good respectable life in your daily actions.  Make an effort to be truthful and honest everyday.  Be mindful and fully present when engaged with others.  If you are "there"' they will be "there".  And keep focused and passionate with life, for all we know it is the only one given.  Of course the one thing that all good fisherman know is needed with any fishing trip is patience.  Without patience we cannot be still enough to allow the "Big Fish" to come near the hook of understanding that has been dropped in the frenetic sea.

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