To get through the day...

By Vichara

There are some of us that think “oh if I can only get through this day”. “If I could just plow through these hours and get past all of this”…this, what? The hours, the minutes, the seconds of the life that has been given to you. Why would you want to push through what is a gift to you? Ok, sure there is what would be perceived as the mundane stuff. Then there are what seem to be the endless minutes of your workday. Perhaps even the grind of sitting in traffic. But all of this is yours, why would you want to fling portions of your day away believing they have little value. I know this sounds like a sermon of turning lemons into lemonade. But the truth of the matter is that you already have the lemonade. Sure there may be mouthfuls that may be a little bitter but at those points it is up to you to make it sweeter. Not to over sweeten as a cover up and mask the reality of a situation but to add enough so that you gain understanding and enjoy the many moments of your life. After all there is only now.

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