Peace Warriors rise up...

By Vichara

Time to gird up your loins, take the spear of perception and hold it firmly in one hand and in the other carry the shield of self-preservation. It is time to once again step out beyond the safety of your abode and face the myriad of concepts, ideas and a parade of personalities. Sounds like a description from a grade B gladiator movie right? Well yes but it is not too far from the truth. We can try to hide away and not face interactions but the funny thing is that they will always find us no matter what. None of us is completely equipped to handle every situation so then how do we at least attempt to? We can build a metaphorical foundation that is less reactionary and more porous and transparent. Wait you say, if it is porous we will be vulnerable. No, infused in this foundation is the netting of compassion. Anything that passes through will be filtered through and tempered by this crucial element and delivered with less reaction and more compassion. Saddle up you Peace Warriors!

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