Preserving what you create...

By Vichara

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Create and preserve the image of your choice”. So the question is what image of you have you created that you want to preserve? Is what you have created so far substantial enough to preserve? Do you like what you have created? There will always be nuances and shades that merely because of this impermanent world we live in will change but I believe what we ultimately need to create is the core of what our lives will truly be defined. The principals, the morals, and the beliefs. The essential framework in which our dreams and accomplishments could flourish. But if your framework is not constructed with materials of integrity it will always have frailties where certain individuals will find and try to manipulate. It is now time to take stock. It is time you personally inspect each piece of the framework that creates you and to ensure that it has integrity. Ensure what is being constructed is something you wish to preserve.

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