How much is too much?...

By Vichara

How much is too much?  We are plugged in, hooked up, cable ready, streamed in high-definition wirelessly connected in our own 3-D world.  We are vampires for information sometimes it seems regardless of the quality of the content.  It sometimes seems we continue this voracious appetite perhaps because we are lonely and feel that unless we are connected we are not part of this world.  I read that the world is now produced more information in 48 hours than it did through all human history to the year 2003.  All that in 48 hours but again how much of it is quality information and how much of it is just white noise to soothe our loneliness?  My friends it is OK to unplug.  Besides being silent is not a bad thing in fact our bodies are wired to use being silent as a useful tool in our spiritual development.  Being silent is not the absence of sound but silence can bring one in contact with the divine, with our divine nature.  Let me tell you that is a whole lot better than the simple stupid shenanigans of some wanna-be celebrity.  I know this may cause stress with some of you but why not try to unplug, shutdown and be silent for a little while today who knows you might need an old friend...yourself.

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