These flowers of life...

By Vichara

I know that this will sound naive and simplistic but life is just not fair.  With the vast number of things the world has to offer to see, hear, taste and touch it is a shame that these physical vessels that we are given are so frail that they break down and die too soon.  I see someone like my own grandfather that lost his wife and was given so many more years of existence but without his partner.  My sister who gave so much but was only given 43 years to experience this world.  Then there are the countless children brought into this world and only given a brief moment before they are taken away.  I know it is all part of the so-called circle of life but considering the previously mentioned vast number of things to experience that it would be fair for all of us to live to be at least 100 years.  In Malaysia there grows what is considered the world's largest flower.  The Rafflesia flower can grow 30 inches in diameter but this stunning miracle of nature is only located in is part of the world and only lasts for a few days.  All that beauty for such a short time.  Could you imagine how much more you could garner with more time.  The shear volumes of knowledge and wisdom accumulated and shared.  See if you might agree these flowers of life we are all given should have more than just a few days then we are granted on this planet.

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