The future does not rest...

By Vichara

The future does not rest for one moment. Like an impatient child pacing back and forth waiting to jump into the car to go it is there. It does not matter if we are reluctant or receptive it will be relentless. Meanwhile our old friend the past stands by the door with a quiet face of acceptance in recognizing this fidgety figure. It observes and accepts the fragments left behind by the future. However next to you with jacket on and keys in hand is the confident persona of the present. You may not notice it standing there but it has never left or will ever leave without you. While the impatient future shifts around with ants in its pants the present with a complacent smile looks over at the future with the understanding of a wise parent. It is difficult choice wanting to run with the future but I recommend giving the keys to the car to the present. Be patient with the future while it fights in the car seat next to you but sit back, relax and let the present drive. The drive will be much easier and much more scenic.

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