Turn off, tune in...

By Vichara

We are a culture that needs content.  A blank "spot" in our day would frighten so many.  To actually have nothing going on for a space of time would be very unsettling for a great number of you out there.  Perhaps having to face a blank spot would force us to confront what is going on with ourselves and force us to listen to something other than mindless babble emanating from al the devices that we feel we need to plug into everyday.  I was with a few people yesterday, all of them equally equipped with a mobile device.  The entire time I was with them there was constant bleeping and buzzing calling them like the sirens on the rocks from Jason and the Argonauts.   Demanding their attention.  There is this compulsion to be connected and for what, another mundane inane missive?  Yes there are some that are in the need to have such technology with them to address situations that warrant attention but for the most part I would guess that it is not necessary all the time.  I am not a Luddite and afraid of technology.  In fact I wrote this on an iPad and send it to this site wirelessly.  I firmly believe that even though all of this technology is a wonderful thing we need time to unplug, step back and allow the world to unfold with all of the 0's and 1's.  I know this may sound old-school-hippie-dippie but give yourself a break and unplug.  Find a park, a field, a beach, anywhere and let the sound of the world, the sound of reality speak to you...even for a short time.  I think you may like what it has to say to you.

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